Created in 1957, CHAMPAGEL® invented the bottle neck freezing unit for ice disgorging, hence revolutionizing the Champagne making process.
CHAMPAGEL® thus rapidly became the world leader in this field.

The company’s reputation was built on the skill and expertise of its technicians, on the quality, reliability and robustness of its “tailored” equipment, efficiency and on the responsiveness of its after-sales service.

In 2011, the ALLIANS ROBOTICS® brand was created to expand the range of equipment proposed.
It was this same year that the company was re-christened DUGUIT Technologies® encompassing the two brands CHAMPAGEL® and ALLIANS ROBOTICS®.

Since 60 years, in a constant search for new products and technologies, the company has innovated to propose a broad range of equipment marketed both in France and internationally.

«Over the coming years, I hope that DUGUIT Technologies® remains focused on providing the best possible support to its historical and future customers in their daily activities and projects.»

Timothée DUGUIT

DUGUIT Technologies - presentation
DUGUIT Technologies - presentation

Worldwide presence

DUGUIT Technologies

DUGUIT Technologies - 1957

Family-run company since 1957

DUGUIT en France

French company, located in Epernay

DUGUIT Technologies - Innove, conçoit, fabrique et installe clés en main

Innovate, design, manufacture and turnkey installation

2 complementary brands:

Bottle neck freezer Methode Champenoise


Bottle handling Robotics solution


  • 1957

    Creation of CHAMPAGEL®
  • 1958

    1st linear freezing unit
  • 1974

    1st freezing unit with automatic loading
  • 1982

    1st boxing machine for tirage line
  • 1987

    1st closed circuit linear freezing unit with automatic loading and unloading
  • 1994

    CHAMPAGEL® acquired by Pierre DUGUIT
  • 1998

    Integration of 1st FANUC® robot
  • 2004

    Arrival of Timothée DUGUIT
  • 2007

    1st Modulo freezing unit
  • 2010

    Manufacturing building area doubled:
    4,000 m²
  • 2011

    Creation of DUGUIT Technologies® to encompass 2 brands: CHAMPAGEL® and ALLIANS ROBOTICS®
  • 2011

    Initial commercialization of GREEN ICE®
  • 2012

    Acquisition of DUGUIT Technologies® by Timothée DUGUIT and his 2 brothers
  • 2014

    Development of the Innovation / R&D department Implementation of 3D printing
  • 2015

    "Machining Pole" integrated into a "clean" room Purchase of a digital bending press
  • 2016

    Purchase of a second 3D printer for creating customer mock-ups
  • 2017

    60th anniversary
DUGUIT Technologies - Presentation
DUGUIT Technologies - Presentation


Presentation - Metier
Presentation - Metier
Presentation - Metier
Presentation - Metier
Presentation - Metier
Presentation - Metier

Our teams of experts

encompassing many trades, all of which are represented internally
Presentation - Metier
Presentation - Metier
Presentation - Metier
Presentation - Metier
  • a dedicated innovation and R&D department
  • sales, purchasing, administrative and financial departments at your disposal
  • a design office to fulfil your projects, comprised of designers, automations specialists and robotics specialists
  • expert and local know-how in the various manufacturing fields, such as sheet metal work, plasturgy, machining, electricity, assembly mechanics and industrial refrigeration
  • an on-site assembly and installation team (France – Export and Major Export)
  • a dedicated after-sales service team
  • a spare parts and consumables store at your disposal
Know-how and teamwork


recognized responsiveness and expertise


our employees talents and skills


local industrial know-how